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Who are we?

Self Masters has been created by Gail McPake and Beth Wright using their backgrounds in HR/Business Consultancy and Leadership Development; and their combined passion for getting the best out of people through self-awareness training and coaching.



Light up!

We want to light up your learning with Self Masters! Modular learning allowing you to pick and choose what you need to help you thrive and be the best you can be personally and at work.

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Modular learning

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Build your toolbox

Imagine your life as a toolbox and as you continuously learn you start collecting more tools to help you make better decisions, respond better to situations and to be more positive about your life.

Self Masters can help you build your toolbox!

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Pick and choose

Build your own programme (toolbox) or pick a topic that resonates with you that will help you at this stage of your life.

You can create your own personal programme that you will complete with one of our coaches or create one for your team, if you are a leader, that will be delivered by one of our expert facilitators

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Coach approach

Our personal coaches will help you unlock your potential based on your chosen topic/s.

For groups, our facilitators have the same outcome through group learning and having real conversations about your chosen topic/s.

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Upcoming events

We have scheduled speaking events and workshops throughout the year that you can find out about here. If you would like us to speak or do a workshop at one of your events then contact us here

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Build your Resilience Muscle

GGC takes over St Enochs Sun 1 0th September - get ticket here

Resilience! - Feel Good Festival at Crossbasket Castle Sun 3rd September - get ticket here




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Quote of the Week

"He who laughs most, learns best" - John Cleese

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Emotional intelligence


Imposter thoughts

Personal brand


Courageous conversations

Dealing with change

Dealing with conflict

Time management

Proactive wellbeing



People pleasing

Self talk

Setting boundaries

Radical candor



Taking ownership

Self compassion



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We have created and are creating lots of bite size learning module masterclasses to help you with your self development journey so you can thrive in life whether personally or professionally. We can also create modules that are bespoke to you or where you work. Contact us here to find out more

Talk to us

Let's chat! Drop us an email to arrange a virtual chat about the modules we offer and our approach to learning. We can discuss our prices with you too!

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All about you!

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Contact Information

Get in touch by email at

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This month's book recommendations

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Why has nobody told me this before?

Everyday tools for life's ups and downs

Dr Julie Smith

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The Miracle Hour

The 6 habits that will transform your life before 8am

Hal Elford

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Atomic Habits

An easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones

James Clear

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